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Activin A Human Rat Murine E. coli (E.coli-derived)

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Recombinant protein
  • Source:E. coli
  • Other names:Inhibin beta-1, FRP, FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone)-releasing protein
  • Species:Human, Murine, Rat
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Cat. No. Size Price

RBG10052E002 2 µg
RBG10052E010 10 ug
RBG10052E100 100 μg
PubMed Product Details
Technical Data


Recombinant protein


Activin A is a TGF-β family member that exhibits a wide range of biological activities, including regulation of cellular proliferation and differentiation, and promotion of neuronal survival. Elevated levels of Activin A in human colorectal tumors and in postmenopausal women have been implicated in colorectal and breast cancers, respectively. The biological activities of Activin A can be neutralized by inhibins and by the diffusible TGF-β antagonist, follistatin. Activin A binds to the two forms of activin receptor type I (Act RI-A and Act RI-B) and two forms of activin receptor type II (Act RII-A and Act RII-B). Activins are homodimers or heterodimers of different β subunits. They are produced as precursor proteins with an amino terminal propeptide that is cleaved to release the C-terminal bioactive ligand. Human/Murine/Rat Activin A is a 26.0 kDa disulfide-linked homodimer of two βA chains, each containing 116 amino acid residues.

Amino Acid Sequence



E. coli



Biological Activity

The ED50 as determined by its ability to inhibit the proliferation of murine MPC-11 cells is 2.0 ng/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of 5×10 5 units/mg.




Research topic

Apoptosis, Cardiovascular disease, Neural tissue markers, Oncology, Animal studies

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