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Cancer miRNA knowledge panel - 384 targets

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:qPCR miRNA screening panel
  • Species:Human
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Cat. No. Size Price

New 1031436 6 samples; 96 well plates
New 1031451 6 samples; 384 well plates
New 1031437 12 samples; 96 well plates
New 1031452 12 samples; 384 well plates
New 1031438 24 samples; 96 well plates
New 1031453 24 samples; 384 well plates
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Technical Data


qPCR miRNA screening panel


Cell lysate

Sample Requirements

100 ng of total RNA from cell line



  • This kit is intended for research use only.
  • The total assay time is less than 120 minutes.
  • Two formats are available, 96 well plates or 384 well plates.
  • Each kit is formatted to include all necessary reagents for the RNA-to-CT workflow.
  • Unique spike-in RNAs and inter-plate calibrators are built in to monitor and normalise technical variations from RNA isolation to qPCR.
  • This kit is compatible with major real-time qPCR platforms and is available in various pack sizes.

Research topic

Apoptosis, Autoimmunity, Cell apoptosis, Cell.cycle and Cell migration, Immune Response, Infection and Inflammation, Oncology


The Cancer miRNA Knowledge Panel is a ready-to-use assay panel for microRNAs relevant to specific areas of research. This panel profiles 352 miRNAs (+ 32 controls), selected through an extensive survey of published literature and in-house research data. All miRNA assays have been extensively wet-lab validated using synthetic microRNA templates and human sample RNA. The Cancer miRNA Knowledge Panel consists of 352 miRNAs strongly associated with various cancer types and regulates the key onco and tumor suppressor genes and pathways.

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