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Data Generation

BioVendor conducts all work confidentially, accurately, and in response to our clients' needs and expectations. Results are communicated on a timely basis and in an easily understood format. Custom reports developed to meet our client's needs are available in Microsoft® Excel (including *.xls *.csv *.dbt and *.dif formats) and Microsoft® Word.

Over the course of the project, we use a single lot of the assay kit and generate and store both electronic data and printouts:

  1. Measuring date, name of operator and supervisor
  2. Raw data (absorbance at 450nm), each plate (run) will contain standards, Quality Control High, Quality Control Low all in doublet and 39 (or 40) samples in doublet determinations unless otherwise specified. Typically, any samples that read high off the standard curve will be pre-diluted and retested if the assay has proven linearity of sample dilution
  3. Calculated data: corresponding standards are used for standard curve construction (using four-parameter function) and calculation of analyte concentration in samples

Reporting of Results

Analytical Report (=Validation Report)
is available for each microplate and contains intra- and inter-assay CVs for Quality Controls

Testing Service Protocol
contains the raw data (absorbance) and calculated data for Standards, Quality Controls and samples

Results Summary
contains identifiers (sample numbers) and measured values

Final Report