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Endotoxin removal products

EndoTrap®, affinity chromatography for highly efficient endotoxin removal, manufactured by Hyglos GmbH.

EndoTrap® reliably removes endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides / LPS) from aqueous solutions of e.g. proteins, antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acids, buffers and various other substances with excellent sample recovery rates.


  • Highly specific and efficient LPS removal from complex mixtures
  • Quick and easy to use in column (gravity flow) or batch mode
  • Upscaling on fully automated liquid-chromatographic systems possible
  • Average sample/protein recovery > 95%
  • Broad pH tolerance and broad pI range of target proteins
  • Compatible with commonly used buffers and high salt conditions
  • Reusable at least 10 times (EndoTrap® HD)
  • Not Polymyxin B based, non toxic

The EndoTrap® product family consists of three members:

EndoTrap® blue
with a broad pH and salt tolerance, works best with calcium or magnesium compatible buffers such as TRIS, HEPES, MOPS but also PBS, if enriched freshly with 0.1 mM Ca/Mg2+.

EndoTrap® red
especially for the use with PBS based samples.

EndoTrap® HD
is a further development of EndoTrap EndoTrap® blue for challenging samples and large scale endotoxin removal in e.g biopharmaceutical production processes. For EndoTrap® HD additionally is available the EndoTrap® leakage ELISA.

Product Size Price
EndoTrap® HD Bulk
> 1 L
Endotoxin-free EndoGrade® Glass TestTube
Product Size Price
New EndoGrade® Glass Test Tubes
112 Tubes
EndoGrade® Endotoxin-free Water
Product Size Price
New EndoGrade® Water, 100 ml, 16 bottles per pack
16 bottles