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Estrogens Total ELISA

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Competitive ELISA
  • Species:Human
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New RCD031R 96 wells (1 kit)
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Technical Data


Competitive ELISA



Sample Requirements

50 μl/well


At ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store the product at the temperature recommended below.


Store the complete kit at 2–8°C. Under these conditions, the kit is stable until the expiration date (see label on the box).

Calibration Range

25-2500 pg/ml

Limit of Detection

12.4 pg/m

Intra-assay (Within-Run)

n = 2, CV = 5.8%

Inter-assay (Run-to-Run)

n = 10, CV = 7.3%

Spiking Recovery

CV < 10%

Dilution Linearity

CV < 10%, valid for dilutions up to 1:10



It is intended for research use only. The total assay time is less than 3.5 hours. The kit measures total estrogens comprising of the total quantity of estrone, estradiol and estriol, in human serum samples. Assay format is 96 wells. Standard is estrogen calibrated gainst LC-MS method.

Research topic

Reproduction, Steroid hormones


Total estrogens comprise the total quantity of estrone, estradiol,and estriol. The estrogens are involved in the development offemale sex organs and secondary sex characteristics. Beforethe ovum is fertilized, the main action of the estrogens is onthe growth and function of the reproductive tract to prepare itfor the fertilized ovum. During the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, the totalestrogens level shows a slight increase. The production oftotal estrogens then increases markedly to peak at aroundday 13. The peak is of short duration and by day 16 of the cyclelevels will be low. A second peak occurs at around day 21 ofthe cycle. If fertilization does not occur, the production of totalestrogens decreases. In post-menopausal women, the concentration of all estrogensdecreases substantially and estrone becomes the predominantestrogen. In pregnant women, the concentration of all estrogensescalates and estriol becomes the predominant estrogen.A total estrogens test is commonly indicated to:

  • Aid in diagnosis of sex steroid metabolism related conditions, for example, premature or delayed puberty, and aromatase and 17 alpha-hydroxylase deficiencies.
  • Follow-up female hormone replacement therapy in post-menopausal women.
  • Prognose antiestrogen therapy, for example, aromataseinhibitor therapy.
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