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miRNA Diagnostics

From the first description in 1993, the small regulatory molecules, called microRNA or miRNA, become emerging biomarkers for research in all fields of medical and biological sciences. This new miRNA regulatory domain empowers R&D, identifies novel disease biomarkers in biofluids and tissues and develops non-invasive screening and diagnostic tests. Using miRNA as pathological biomarkers is technicaly feasible, highly specific and sensititve from the earliest stages of the disease.  

BioVendor offers specific technologies based on patented RT-qPCR for sensitive detection and quantification of miRNA molecules. The technologies use multiplex detection format already used in life sciences research and clinical diagnostic applications.

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Product Size Price

Type: RT-qPCR diagnostic test

210001 48 samples
Product Size Price
M371-test for Testicular Cancer

Type: RT-qPCR diagnostic kit

New MCS0105 5 samples + 5NC
New MCS0115HT 15 samples + 1 NC