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miRNA Isolation kits

BioVendor RNA isolation kits are designed for the purification of small and large RNA including miRNA. Validated for use with a variety of samples including whole blood, plasma, serum, cultured cells and tissues, these kits are ideal for use with BioVendor miRia products.



  • Purification of total RNA including miRNA
  • Optional separation of small RNA (<200 nt) and large RNA (>200 nt) fractions
  • Excellent RNA recovery and purity
  • Fast isolation – approximately 45 minutes
  • No phenol/chloroform extraction necessary
  • RNA product suitable for sensitive downstream applications


Product Size Price
RNA Isolation Kit

Type: Isolation kit-total RNA incl. small RNA

New RIK001 50 Preps
RNA Isolation Kit Plasma/Serum

Type: Isolation kit-total RNA incl. small RNA

New RIK002 50 Preps