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GRO-β/MIP-2 (Growth Regulated Protein/Melanoma Growth Stimulatory Activity (MGSAβ), CXCL2, MIP-2, GRO2)

All three isoforms of GRO are CXC chemokines that can signal through the CXCR1 or CXCR2 receptors. The GRO proteins chemoattract and activate neutrophils and basophils. Recombinant rat GRO-β/MIP-2 is a 7.9 kDa protein consisting of 73 amino acids including the ‘ELR’ motif common to the CXC chemokine family that bind to CXCR1 or CXCR2.

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Product: Size:

GRO-β/MIP-2 Rat E. coli

Type: Recombinant

RBG30060005 5 µg
RBG30060025 25 µg
RBG30060100 100 μg
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