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Q-Plex™ Human Ferritin

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Singleplex Assays
  • Species:Human
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Cat. No. Size Price

470149HU 96 wells (1 kit)
PubMed Product Details
Technical Data

Cat # changed from RQS470149HU to 470149HU


Singleplex Assays


Serum, Plasma

Sample Requirements

50 µl/well


Store the complete kit at 2–8°C. Under these conditions, the kit is stable until the expiration date.

Calibration Range

115–0.1578 μg/L



  • For research use only
  • The kit measures Human Ferritin
  • This kit is validated for use with plasma, serum

Research topic

Iron metabolism, Oncology


Ferritin, a 450 kDa protein, is an iron storage protein containing up to 4,500 iron atoms in a molecule. It is found in many tissues but has its highest concentration in the spleen, liver, red marrow, small intestinal mucosa and muscle. The serum level of ferritin is an indirect measure of the amount of iron in the blood making it an important marker in anemia and iron metabolism research. Liver disease or malignant tumors can cause an abnormal elevation of serum ferritin levels.

Summary References (8)

References to Ferritin

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