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Q-Plex™ Human Glucagon

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Singleplex Assays
  • Species:Human
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Cat. No. Size Price

464049HU 96 wells (1 kit)
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Technical Data

Cat # changed from RQS464049HU to 464049HU


Singleplex Assays


Serum, Plasma

Sample Requirements

50 µl/well


Store the complete kit at 2–8°C. Under these conditions, the kit is stable until the expiration date.

Calibration Range

2500–3.00 pg/mL



  • For research use only
  • Detection Method: Chemiluminescent
  • The kit measures Human Glucagon
  • This kit is validated for use with plasma, serum

Research topic

Diabetology - Other Relevant Products


According to many studies on glucagon immunoassay, it has been established that the antibody against the C - terminal fragment ( 19 – 29 ) of glucagon has specific binding with pancreatic glucagon, whereas the antibody against the N – terminal fragment ( 9 – 19 ) of glucagon has specific binding with both of pancreatic and intestinal glucagon ( total glucagon ). Once, 30K by Unger et. al had been widely used as an antibody specific for the C - terminal fragment of glucagon, but Nishino, Shima and Yanaihara et. al succeeded in producing pancreatic glucagon specific antibody using synthetic peptide with the C – terminal fragment ( 19 – 29 ) of glucagon as immunogen in 1981. This EIA kit has been developed by using polyclonal antibody against glucagon ( 19 – 29 ), synthetic glucagon as standard antigen and biotinylated glucagon as labeled antigen for the measurment of rat, mouse or human glucagon in plasma.

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