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thrombomiR™ kit

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:qPCR miRNA screening panel
  • Species:Human
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KT-021-TR96 Analysis of 48 samples
KT-021-TR384 Analysis of 48 samples
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Technical Data


qPCR miRNA screening panel


The thrombomiR™ kit enables simple and standardized analysis of microRNA biomarkers for platelet function.

The kit contains 10 individual platelet function-related biomarkers for

  • monitoring of the drug effects on platelet function, reactivity and haemostasis
  • diagnosis of platelet-related disorders

The kit has the following unique features

  • Works with frozen sample material (serum or plasma)
  • Responds to all platelet-activating signals (ADP, Collagen, etc.)
  • Measures a platelet-signal generated in-vivo thus complementing results from ex vivo platelet-function tests (LTAs, VASP, …)

All-In-One kit: the thrombomiR™ kit contains all necessary reagents for RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, preparation of PCR Mix, real time PCR analysis, data analysis: tailored software.


Platelets poor plasma

Sample Requirements

200 μL of PPP



It is intended for research use only.

Each kit comprises the following components:

  1. Plasma RNA extraction kit containing all reagents, spin columns and collection tubes
  2. The RT-qPCR chemistry comprising spike-in controls, all reagents for cDNA synthesis and the miGreen PCR Mix;
  3. Primer-coated qPCR plates in 96 well or 384 well format

Research topic



The thrombomiR® test enables quantitative analysis of 10 platelet microRNAs, 1 liver-specific microRNA (control) and 5 assay and sample quality controls in human platelet-poor plasma (PPP) samples. These microRNAs are novel biomarkers that can supply information about the molecular function of platelets in vivo, determine the effect of a treatment on platelet reactivity, and study the utility of platelet microRNAs as risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Summary References (8)

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