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BioVendor New Acquisition

Communication – press release

Effective 5 September 2017, Biovendor – Laboratorní medicína a.s. (BioVendor) acquired 100% of the shares of DIAsource ImmunoAssays SA from the Australian stock listed company Anteo Diagnostics (ASX: ADO). Anteo Diagnostics had acquired DIAsource in January 2016.

DIAsource ImmunoAssays is a Belgian company specialized since 30 years in the development, manufacturing, and sales and distribution of immunoassay tests and open instrumentation solutions for clinical medical diagnostics. It is based in Louvain-La-Neuve, south of Brussels, and employs 80 people.

DIAsource is a leading provider in IVD market segments such as Vitamin D, ELISA and RIA assays, and produced double digit growth of both revenue and EBITDA over the last five years, for 16.3 Mi € net trade sales income and 3.4 Mi € EBITDA in 2016. It has direct sales representation in Belgium, France and Spain and strong sales in Middle East, Asia, and South America. Its clinical diagnostics product catalog features over 190 ELISA and 140 RIA assays.

For Biovendor, the international company with headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic, this acquisition offers not only an extension with a broad panel of ELISA and RIA assays, antibodies and reagents for clinical diagnostics, but also direct sales presence in Belgium, France and Spain, and a worldwide network of over 100 sales and distribution partners in over 70 countries, thereby representing another important step towards internationalization.

With DIAsource representing the largest acquisition to date, BioVendor continues its long-term plan of international expansion after previous acquisitions, in the last three years since 2014, of ImmunoLab (Germany), ViennaLab Diagnostics (Austria), and Oxford Biosystems (UK), following to previous acquisition of TestLine Clinical Diagnostics (Czech Republic).

DIAsource ImmunoAssays, www.diasource-diagnostics.com

based in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, manufactures and sells manual kits and open automation for clinical diagnostics in more than 70 countries worldwide, both direct and via its worldwide network of distribution partners.

BioVendor group, www.biovendor.com/biovendor-group

an international diagnostics holding with headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic, employs over 380 employees across 14 companies operating in six countries. 

BioVendor is 60% controlled by Consillium, the investment company of Mr. Tomáš Němec, and 40% owned by Dr. Viktor Růžička, its founder and Chairman.