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BioVendor Group

We believe that every treatment begins with a reliable diagnosis.
That is why we are looking for innovative ways to provide reliable laboratory results to physicians and patients around the world.
We are an international group of biotechnology companies focusing on the development, production and distribution of IVD products and technologies for laboratory automation.

BioVendor Group - Challenging the limits of laboratory diagnostics for 30 years

Bridging Science and Diagnostics

From the very beginning, the constant shifting of the boundaries of the IVD field has been an integral part of our company’s character.
Long-term successful cooperation with leading scientific institutions ranks BioVendor R&D among the world leaders in the development and production of products for biomedical research.


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We believe that every treatment begins with reliable diagnostics. That is why we search for innovative ways to provide reliable laboratory results to physicians and patients. We are an international group of diagnostic companies focusing on the development, production and distribution of IVD products and technologies for laboratory automation.

BioVendor LM

We supply diagnostic solutions for a wide range of IVD areas.

We offer an attractive portfolio of established and innovative products and technologies for clinical biochemistry, immunology, hematology, microbiology, molecular biology and POCT.

We pay attention to excellent technical support and professional consulting – from the selection of a specific product to a comprehensive design for laboratory automation.

We believe that modern diagnostics contributes to more successful treatment of patients. Within the BioVendor Group, we cooperate on the development of innovative products and introduce them into laboratory practice.

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BioVendor R&D

We search for ways to introduce innovative biomarkers and technologies.

BioVendor R&D works on the development, production and distribution of immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic products. Our R&D team is behind the development of almost 200 ELISA kits for the diagnosis of serious diseases, 100 kits for the detection of short RNAs and diagnostic kits based on the NGS and LAMP technologies.

By cooperating with research and scientific institutions and with membership in consortiums, we direct scientific activities towards the needs of laboratory medicine. Our current focus is the diagnostic potential of NGS and microRNA and the introduction of automated solutions for innovative biomarkers.

In addition to our headquarters in the Czech Republic, we operate the branch for USA, Canada and Mexico:

BioVendor LLC – Asheville, North Carolina, USA

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Introducing BioVendor Research and Diagnostic Products Division


We are a traditional Czech manufacturer and distributor of IVD products focusing on infectious diseases and immunology.

The basis of our portfolio is products for ELISA and BLOT methods. Our innovations include the popular SmartELISA kits and our own multiplex solution Microblot-Array, which we distribute to all corners of the world. Thanks to the synergistic cooperation between the companies of the BioVendor Group, we bring a fully automated CLIA solution to the market.

We believe that an innovative approach to product development and customer support is the best way to fulfill our shared vision of reliable, efficient and affordable laboratory diagnostics. 

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Introducing TestLine Clinical Diagnostics s.r.o.


At ViennaLab, we strive for reliable and user-friendly laboratory diagnostics. We develop and produce IVD kits with a strong focus on therapeutic fields comprising genetic disorders, genetic predispositions, pharmacogenetics, oncology, and the human microbiome. 

Over the years, we have focused on the development and production of reverse hybridization assays (StripAssays®) and TaqMan-based real-time PCR assays (RealFast™ Assays). 

The newest members of our portfolio are NGS assays which allow customers to investigate germline and somatic variants with simultaneous analysis of different types of DNA variations in multiple genes.

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Our main goal is to bring reliable and accurate immunoassays and diagnostic tools to the market, fulfilling our vision of more effective diagnostics. 

We have been developing, manufacturing and distributing products for clinical diagnostics for more than 35 years. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of immunodiagnostic products with focus on RIA and ELISA technology, including reagents for automated analyzers. 

We focus on endocrinology, autoimmune and infectious diseases. Our portfolio includes panels for measuring vitamin D, steroids and tools for ELISA, RIA and CLIA automation. 

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BioVendor MDx

We strive to accelerate the delivery of modern, personalized diagnostics. Our mission is to bring a powerful combination of innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics, the human approach and scientific know-how to the market.

We look for ways to implement revolutionary technologies into routine laboratory practice. We are constantly expanding the portfolio of panels for the NGS method, we use predictive miRNA biomarkers for diagnostics, and we are co-developing the LAMP method.

We believe that continuous development and innovation are the way to fulfil the BioVendor Group's vision – faster, more accessible and more reliable diagnostics for patients all over the world.

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