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The BK virus is a major cause of lethal loss of function in patients with renal transplants, and early diagnosis is crucial. Generally, BK virus nephropathy can be confirmed at around 12 months after renal transplantation, and regular monitoring for the BK virus after transplantation is necessary. This product is a Reverse Transcription Real-time PCR Kit that can detect the miRNA biomarker bkv-miR-B1-5p in the patient’s urine, which is abundantly expressed by the BK virus in infected patients with kidney transplants and thus has higher diagnostic efficiency, with high sensitivity and specificity.
The biggest advantage is that unlike DNA test which screens for the presence of BKV (up to 80% of the population infected in childhood, inactive state), this product differentiates the active state of the virus

  • Same symptoms in BKV infection and transplant rejection.
  • Opposite drug prescription in BKV infection and transplant rejection.
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