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fastGEN kits

We developed NGS kits to analyse selected genes.
Our fastGEN technology is designed to allow parallel processing of samples for all selected genes.


User-friendly NGS kits

BioVendor developed user friendly diagnostic NGS kits with excellent analytical parameters and extremely fast processing for laboratories of any size.
The kit contains ready-to-use Master Mixes with sample indexes, read1 (applies to selected kits only), read2 seq primers and an index seq primer.

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Four reasons why fastGEN is worth your attention

  • Unique

    Simple, ultra-sensitive, specific, and effective technology

  • Fast

    Excellent speed (<30 min hands-on time)

  • Reliable

    Significantly lower probability of mistakes, uniform coverage for different amplicons and different samples

  • Robust

    Robustness achieved by using short amplicons obtained by a single polymerase chain reaction with special tagged hybrid primers


It’s faster. Way faster!


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Iveta Tóthová, PhD.

Product & Scientific Manager
+420 724 873 015