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Fibroblast growth factor 7 (FGF-7, keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), )

Fibroblast growth factor 7 (FGF-7), also known as keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), belongs to the FGF family. FGF family members possess broad mitogenic and cell survival activities, and are involved in a variety of biological processes, including embryonic development, cell growth, morphogenesis, tissue repair, tumor growth and invasion. FGF-7 is a potent epithelial cell-specific growth factor, whose mitogenic activity is predominantly exhibited in keratinocytes. KGF (FGF-7) is one of 23 known members of the FGF family. Proteins of this family play a central role during prenatal development, postnatal growth, and the regeneration of a variety of tissues, by promoting cellular proliferation and differentiation. KGF (FGF-7) is a mitogen factor specific for epithelial cells and keratinocytes. KGF (FGF-7) signals through FGFR 2b. KGF (FGF-7) plays a role in kidney and lung development, as well as in angiogenesis and wound healing. FGF7 also plays an important role in intestinal diseases including short bowel syndrome and ischemia/reperfusion.

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Type: Sandwich ELISA, Biotin-labelled antibody

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