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Gastrotropin (FABP6) (FABP6, GT, Fatty acid-binding protein 6, Ileal lipid-binding protein, ILBP, Intestinal 15 kDa protein, I-15P, Intestinal bile acid-binding protein, I-BABP, ILBP, ILLBP)

FABP6 is protein from family fatty acid-binding proteins (FABPs). FABP6 is highly expressed in the enterocytes of ileum and to a lesser extent in the luteal cells of ovaries, placenta and adrenal glands. FABP6 acts as an intracellular transporter of bile acids in ileal epithelial cells, helping to metabolize cholesterol. FABP6 plays a significant role in granulosa cells differentiation required for follicular rupture.

FABP6 is potential biomarker for various cancers and it may be useful clinically in cancer diagnosis and for the assessment of cancer therapy. The expression of FABP6 was higher in primary colorectal cancers and adenomas than in normal epithelium, but was dramatically decreased in lymph node metastases. Tumors with high FABP6 expression were more frequently located in left colon than the right colon and had shallower invasion into the bowel wall. Tumors with high expression FABP6 were smaller in size. Increase FABP6 expression were described for prostate, bladder and renal cell carcinoma.

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