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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNA molecules, approximately 22 nucleotides in length that regulate gene translation through silencing or degradation of target mRNAs. They are involved in multiple biological processes, including differentiation and proliferation, metabolism, hemostasis, apoptosis or inflammation, and in pathophysiology of many diseases. Numerous studies have suggested circulating miRNAs as promising diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of many diseases.

hsa-miR-486-5p is located on the chromosome 8, in the region which contains potential tumor-suppressor genes and is often deleted in various types of tumors. hsa-miR-486-5p gene was first cloned from the fetal liver. Reduced miR‑486-5p expression is a frequent molecular event in human malignancies.

Deregulation of cancer-related miR-486-5p is a common event in both benign and malignant human breast tumors. miR-486-5p is one of the most downregulated miRNAs in lung tumor tissues. Its decreased level in circulation indicates lung cancer progression and metastasis. Thus, serum miR-486-5p has a great potential to serve as a marker in clinical diagnosis of lung cancers. Several studies have also shown aberrant miR-486-5p expression and its prognostic value in digestive system cancers. miR-486-5p may become a novel target in treatment of patients with gastric cancers. Other cancer types associated with deregulated miR-486-5p levels are hepatocellular carcinomas and prostate cancer.

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