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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNA molecules, approximately 22 nucleotides in length that regulate gene translation through silencing or degradation of target mRNAs. They are involved in multiple biological processes, including differentiation and proliferation, metabolism, hemostasis, apoptosis or inflammation, and in pathophysiology of many diseases. Numerous studies have suggested circulating miRNAs as promising diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of many diseases.

Recent studies indicate that miRNAs function as oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Dysregulated miRNAs can promote tumorigenesis and cancer progression and even result in poor cancer prognosis. Cancer-specific miRNAs are present in extracellular body fluids, and may play an important role in crosstalk between cancer cells and surrounding normal cells.

hsa-miRNA-93 is a member of the miR-106b-25 cluster. hsa-miR-93 has been reported to be upregulated and have a promoting role in several cancer types. Increasing body of evidence indicates that the dysregulation of hsa-miR-93-5p is associated with development of multidrug resistance in various types of cancer.

miRNAs are also key regulators of many cellular events in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. hsa-miR-93-5p is specifically associated with coronary artery disease. Several groups have reported potential utility of miRNAs as biomarkers in diagnosis and prediction of cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, hsa-miR-93-5p might help to assess pathophysiological changes associated with chronic kidney disease and potential bone-specific and vascular risks as well as therapy aspects in pacients with chronic kidney disease.

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