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miREIA Breakthrough Assays

9317We are pleased to announce coming launch of our new group of products, the miREIA kits for the quantitation of microRNA. The assay can be run on common immunoassay equipment, is compatible with standard clinical workflow, does not require amplification steps and results are obtained in less than three hours including miRNA profiling.

miREIA is a novel, immunoassay-based method of miRNA quantification which involves hybridization of miRNA isolated from a patient sample to complementary biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide probe. The DNA/RNA hybrids are then captured by a microtiter plate-immobilized monoclonal antibody specific to perfectly matched DNA/miRNA hybrids. Next steps are copying standard ELISA protocols.

The miREIA-21-5p kit is going to be the first kit of this product group, developed to determine the hsa-miR-21-5p miRNA. The kit exhibits superior analytical specificity, limit of detection as low as 0.1 attomol/μl miRNA, excellent analytical characteristics and strong correlation with the qRT-PCR method.