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Aeromonas Aminopeptidase

Proteases (also called Proteolytic Enzymes, Peptidases or Proteinases) are enzymes that hydrolyze the amide bonds within proteins or peptides. Most proteases act in a specific manner, hydrolyzing bonds at or adjacent to specific residues or a specific sequence of residues contained within the substrate protein or peptide. Proteases play an important role in most diseases and biological processes including prenatal and postnatal development, reproduction, signal transduction, the immune response, various autoimmune and degenerative diseases and cancer. They are also an important research tool, frequently used in the analysis and production of proteins. Recombinant Aeromonas Aminopeptidase is a 31.4 kDa protein containing 291 amino acid residues.

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Product: Size:

Aeromonas Aminopeptidase E. coli

Type: Recombinant

RBG100510100 100 μg
RBG100510500 500 μg
RBG100511000 1mg
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