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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


We bring a comprehensive sequencing solution using the NGS method, designed with maximum efficiency and ease of use in mind.

User-friendly and intuitive software, diagnostic panels for DNA, RNA analysis, fast service and the perfect know-how of our application specialists - a revolution in the speed of laboratory diagnostics and the availability of personalized medicine.

Meet the fastGEN technology

BioVendor brings new technology fastGEN for examination of the mutation status of markers in samples. Technology is based on ultra-deep sequencing of short amplicons obtained by a single polymerase chain reaction with special tagged hybrid primers. 

The fastGEN technology is simple, ultra-sensitive, specific and effective - it is perfectly adapted to diagnostics and offers new advantages for clinical material.

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Discover what’s inside the solution

fastGEN kits

We developed NGS kits to analyse selected genes.
Our fastGEN technology is designed to allow parallel processing of samples for all selected genes.


User-friendly NGS kits

BioVendor developed user friendly diagnostic NGS kits with excellent analytical parameters and extremely fast processing for laboratories of any size.
The kit contains ready-to-use Master Mixes with sample indexes, read1 (applies to selected kits only), read2 seq primers and an index seq primer.

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Four reasons why fastGEN is worth your attention

  • Unique

    Simple, ultra-sensitive, specific, and effective technology

  • Fast

    Excellent speed (<30 min hands-on time)

  • Reliable

    Significantly lower probability of mistakes, uniform coverage for different amplicons and different samples

  • Robust

    Robustness achieved by using short amplicons obtained by a single polymerase chain reaction with special tagged hybrid primers


It’s faster. Way faster!



The analysis of genetic NGS data can be a daunting task that often requires specialized computing skills by the user.
We have developed our proprietary web-based bioinformatic analysis software – GENOVESA as an effortless solution for everyone and for all NGS data regardless of the kit used. 

GENOVESA fastGEN module

GENOVESA is intuitive and easy to use. For beginners in NGS analysis, it allows a quick and easy generation of relevant information of their NGS data, without the need of their own dedicated bioinformatic experts. 

On the other hand, GENOVESA allows experienced users to adjust and modify parameters, use complex filtering rules, and visually evaluate variants at the individual reading level.  

Key features

  • Advanced quality control of sequencing data
  • Automatic notification of low-coverage regions for simple filtering of relevant variants
  • Monthly update of annotation databases
  • Customisation
  • Patient data and variants stored in an internal database
  • One-click report

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Clinical topics

NGS products cover the most common branches of clinical diagnostics.


Cystic fibrosis


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