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NKG2D ligand 1 (N2DL-1, NKG2DL1, ALCAN-beta, Retinoic acid early transcript 1I, UL16-binding protein 1, ULBP1, N2DL1, RAET1I)

NKG2D ligand 1 acts as a ligand for the NKG2D receptor on the surface of NK cells. Binding of ULBPs ligands to NKG2D induces production of cytokines and chemokines. NKG2D ligand 1 is expressed in T-cells, B-cells, erythroleukemia cell lines and in a wide range of tissues. It belongs to the MHC class I family. The CMV glycoprotein UL16 interacts with NKG2D ligand 1 resulting in retention of NKG2D ligand 1 in the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus so it does not reach the cell surface.

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