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Parvalbumin α

Parvalbumin (Parvalbumin α) is a 12 kDa member of the parvalbumin family of Ca++­binding proteins. In human, it is expressed in intrafusal muscle fibers, plus GABAergic interneurons and cerebellar Purkinje and basket cells. It presumably acts as a Ca++ buffer that shortens the duration of fiber contraction. Human Parvalbumin is 110 amino acids (aa) in length. It contains two EF­hand domains (aa 39­74 and 78­110) that bind calcium. There are three potential isoform variants. One shows an alternate start site at Met33, a second shows a six aa substitution for the C­terminal nine amino acids and a third shows a deletion of Gly99­Val100. Human Parvalbumin α is 51% aa identical to human Parvalbumin β and is 87% plus 92% aa identical to mouse and rat Parvalbumin, respectively.

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