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The analysis of genetic NGS data can be a daunting task that often requires specialized computing skills by the user.
We have developed our proprietary web-based bioinformatic analysis software – GENOVESA as an effortless solution for everyone and for all NGS data regardless of the kit used. 

GENOVESA fastGEN module

GENOVESA is intuitive and easy to use. For beginners in NGS analysis, it allows a quick and easy generation of relevant information of their NGS data, without the need of their own dedicated bioinformatic experts. 

On the other hand, GENOVESA allows experienced users to adjust and modify parameters, use complex filtering rules, and visually evaluate variants at the individual reading level.  

Key features

  • Advanced quality control of sequencing data
  • Automatic notification of low-coverage regions for simple filtering of relevant variants
  • Monthly update of annotation databases
  • Customisation
  • Patient data and variants stored in an internal database
  • One-click report

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Iveta Tóthová, PhD.

Product & Scientific Manager
+420 724 873 015