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fastGEN BCR::ABL1 Cancer kit - The way to a personalised treatment strategies for leukaemia


BioVendor MDx introduces the first commercial NGS assay for the detection of the BCR::ABL1 fusion gene.

The fastGEN BCR::ABL1 Cancer kit is the first of its kind NGS solution designed for the precise detection of the BCR::ABL1 fusion gene. By providing rapid, reliable, and high-throughput results, fastGEN empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions for personalised patient care.

The BCR::ABL1 fusion gene plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of various blood cancers, in particular chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). The BCR::ABL1 fusion gene arises from a chromosomal translocation, resulting in the constitutive activation of the ABL1 tyrosine kinase domain, leading to uncontrolled cell proliferation. Testing of BCR::ABL1 fusion gene is essential for guiding treatment decisions in leukaemia, helping to identify Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukaemia patients who may benefit from targeted therapies, such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). Currently, the standard method for analysing mutations in this gene is Sanger sequencing, which has limited sensitivity.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) offers many advantages for BCR::ABL1 analysis due to its ability to comprehensively detect, quantify, and analyse genetic background associated with leukaemia, including low-level BCR::ABL1 transcripts, mutations, and other relevant genetic changes. This enables precise monitoring of disease progression, treatment response, and identification of resistance mutations, leading to more effective personalised treatment strategies.

The fastGEN technology represents an amplicon-based NGS solution, characterised by its swift and user-friendly workflow. Designed to simplify the process, it is accompanied by our GENOVESA bioinformatics software.


GENOVESA is a cutting-edge bioinformatics system designed for NGS data analysis. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, GENOVESA offers a seamless experience. GENOVESA complements the fastGEN technology and also stands out as an exceptional software option for NGS data analysis, regardless of the sequencing platform used.

The fastGEN BCR::ABL1 Cancer kit is another piece of our  “fastGEN puzzle“, which together with the fastGEN TP53 Cancer kit and the fastGEN Brain Cancer kit (IDH1 and IDH2 genes) enables comprehensive screening and monitoring of key genes associated with various types of leukaemia.

BioVendor MDx is the youngest company of the renowned BioVendor Group, operates as a global distributor of its own innovative products from the BioVendor Group laboratories, while also serving as a distributor of selected products from other companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. With a focus on innovation and quality, BioVendor MDx boasts a dynamic team dedicated to improving molecular diagnostics in its home market and around the world.

For more information about fastGEN and other molecular diagnostic solutions offered by BioVendor MDx, please visit biovendor.com.