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Scientific References

BioVendor collects scientific publications where the use of our immunoassays, recombinant proteins, and monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies is cited.

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  • References to Adipocyte FABP (FABP4) Mouse ELISA

    • Peia P, Xieb C, Liua Y, Shaoa M, Chena J,Lia D,Mac L, Chena L. Therapeutic potential of a synthetic FABP4 inhibitor 8g on atherosclerosis in ApoE-deficient mice: the inhibition of lipid accumulation and inflammation . RSC Advances. May 2016;:12
    • Vila IK, Badin PM, Marques MA, Monbrun L, Lefort C, Mir L, Louche K, Bourlier V, Roussel B, Gui P, Grober J, Stich V, Rossmeislova L, Zakaroff-Girard A, Bouloumie A, Viguerie N, Moro C, Tavernier G, Langin D. Immune cell Toll-like receptor 4 mediates the development of obesity- and endotoxemia-associated adipose tissue fibrosis. Cell Rep. 2014 May 22;7 (4):1116-29
    • Shu L, Hoo RL, Wu X, Pan Y, Lee IP, Cheong LY, Bornstein SR, Rong X, Guo J, Xu A. A-FABP mediates adaptive thermogenesis by promoting intracellular activation of thyroid hormones in brown adipocytes. Nat Commun. 2017 Jan 27;8:14147. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14147
    • Yang R, Castriota G, Chen Y, Cleary MA, Ellsworth K, Shin MK, Tran JL, Vogt TF, Wu M, Xu S, Yang X, Zhang BB, Berger JP, Qureshi SA. RNAi-mediated germline knockdown of FABP4 increases body weight but does not improve the deranged nutrient metabolism of diet-induced obese mice. Int J Obes (Lond). 2011 Feb;35 (2):217-25
  • References to Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein Human E. coli Tag free

    • Ayyar BV, Hearty S, O'Kennedy R. Highly sensitive recombinant antibodies capable of reliably differentiating heart-type fatty acid binding protein from noncardiac isoforms. Anal Biochem. 2010 Dec 15;407 (2):165-71
    • Bronsky J, Karpisek M, Bronska E, Pechova M, Jancikova B, Kotolova H, Stejskal D, Prusa R, Nevoral J. Adiponectin, adipocyte fatty acid binding protein, and epidermal fatty acid binding protein: proteins newly identified in human breast milk. Clin Chem . Sep;52(9):1763-70 (2006)
  • References to Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein Human, Goat Polyclonal Antibody

    • Aragones G, Saavedra P, Heras M, Cabre A, Girona J, Masana L. Fatty acid-binding protein 4 impairs the insulin-dependent nitric oxide pathway in vascular endothelial cells. Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2012 Jun 18;11 (1):72
  • References to Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein Human, Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

    • Andres Cerezo L, Kuklova M, Hulejova H, Vernerova Z, Pesakova V, Pecha O, Veigl D, Haluzik M, Pavelka K, Vencovsky J, Senolt L. The level of fatty acid-binding protein 4, a novel adipokine, is increased in rheumatoid arthritis and correlates with serum cholesterol levels. Cytokine. 2013 Oct;64 (1):441-7
    • Xu A, Wang Y, Xu JY, Stejskal D, Tam S, Zhang J, Wat NM, Wong WK, Lam KS. Adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein is a plasma biomarker closely associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Clin Chem . Mar;52(3):405-13 (2006)
  • References to Adiponectin (HEK) Human, Goat Polyclonal Antibody

    • Stefan N, Fritsche A, Weikert C, Boeing H, Joost HG, Haring HU, Schulze MB. Plasma Fetuin-A Levels and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes. 2008 Jul 15;