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APOPercentage Assay

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Cell-based assay
  • Species:Multispecies
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Discount A1000 4x24 wells or 6x96 wells (1 kit) $489,83
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Technical Data

Cat # changed from RBCA1000 to A1000


Cell-based assay


Cell culture supernatant, Tissue culture medium, Cell


At ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store the product at the temperature recommended below.


All components are stable for up to one year unopened when stored at 25°C. Store at 4°C once opened and use within 30 days.

Limit of Detection

A single apoptotic cell within a microwell population



  • The Cell-APOPercentage™ Apoptosis Assay is a detection and measurement system to monitor the occurrence of apoptosis in mammalian, anchorage-dependent cells during in vitro culture.
  • The assay uses a dye that is selectively imported by cells that are undergoing apoptosis. Necrotic cells cannot retain the dye and therefore are not stained.
  • The APOPercentage assay run takes 1 hour.
  • Manufactured by Biocolor.

Research topic

Cell apoptosis, Cell.cycle and Cell migration, Animal studies

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