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BioVendor Analytical Testing Service



Get certified sample analysis directly from the source with our BATS.

Combining the expertise and experience of 25 years in research, development and manufacturing of immunoassays, BioVendor provides analytical services for universities, clinical centres, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. An extensive range of analytical solutions enable us to provide you with a perfect service for your research or product development.

Our well-trained employees will share their broad experience and knowledge with you to achieve the goals and requirements you stipulate.  BioVendor has created a process system which enables us to release results that meet your exact specifications. The client’s satisfaction is our main goal. Having participated in many successful research projects and publications, you will benefit from our expertise in analytical testing combined with our customer-centered approach. 

  • Experienced laboratory staff
  • Highest quality equipment
  • Consultation with specialists
  • Verified results 
  • Complete statistical analysis 

Quality assurance

We strive for the highest level of quality as we know this is is vital for both your and our success. This is evidenced through our accomplished quality assurance system, quality control procedures and testing methods. We are ISO 13485: 2016 certified and our 20 years of development, assay manufacture and analysis experience in IVD technologies enables us to offer our expert  knowledge and techniques to meet your requirements in compliance with European quality standards.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) system is set by all-embracing and well-structured standard operating procedures which guaranties that all analyses are traceable from the receipt of the sample sample receipt to the reporting of results. Integraton of effective IVD requirements ensure that our QA system is perpetually updated. Periodic inspections by the authorities and audits from customers verify the high level of compliance with up-to-date regulations. 

  • Routine internal audits and inspections 
  • Data audited for traceability, integrity and reliability 
  • Security measures to ensure electronic data retrieval 
  • Inspections to ensure compliance of protocols and laboratory SOPs 
  • Access to reports is limited to authorized personnel

What we measure 

  • Small non-coding RNA (miRNA, piRNA)
  • Diagnostic biomarkers (hormones, cytokines) 

Our methods 

  • Quantitative analysis of small non-coding RNA (miRNA, piRNA) by RT-qPCR or miRNA immunoassys
  • Hormones and cytokines (ELISA)
  • High-throughput multiplex analysis (Luminex) 

Clinical areas

Our biomarker analytical services cover a range of clinical areas: 

  • Cardiovascular disease 
  • Neural tissue damage markers
  • Metabolic disease
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid disease
  • Oncology
  • Bone disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Renal disease

Samples and data generation

BioVendor conducts all work confidentially, accurately, and in response to our clients’ needs and expectations. Detailed records of the handling of samples are maintained according to SOPs, including the following: delivery date, acknowledgement of receipt, storage conditions, number of samples, date of measurement, and evaluation of appearance. Results are communicated on a timely basis and in an easily understood format.


Website: www.biovendor.com/biovendor-analytical-testing-service

e-mail: bats[at]biovendor.com

Phone: +420–549 124 185

Fax: +420–549 211 460