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qPCR Kits/Enzymes/Reagents

COVID-19 Diagnostics - Real-Time PCR Tests For Disease Confirmation  

SARS-CoV-2, one of the Coronaviruses, is an enveloped, single-strand, positive-sense RNA virus with a large genome of approximately 30 kbp in length. RT-qPCR diagnostic kits developed for COVID-2 diagnosis are based on reverse transcription of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA and subsequent qPCR analysis.  

BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix

MiRXES formulated BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix to support research and routine testing requirements for high specificity, sensitivity, robustness and speed. Its proprietary blend of PCR polymerase, dNTPs, DNA binding dye, salts and stabilizers is the ideal molecular solution to generate high-quality data in the shortest time with ease.


BlitzAmp Comparison Panel: Designed & Built for Scientific Comparison

  • Enabling user to assess the PCR efficiency and dynamic range of the qPCR Master Mix
  • Evaluate the qPCR Master Mix's robustness across small and large amplicon amplification
  • Supports different qPCR Platforms


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EliGene® Viral RNA/DNA FAST Isolation Kit (100 isolations)

Type: RNA/DNA FAST Isolation Kit

New 409100 100 isolations
Product Size Price
Taq DNA Polymerase

Type: Recombinant protein

New RP1793081000 1,000 U $145
RP1793083000 3,000 U $295
RP17930810000 10,000 U $450
Taq Plus DNA Polymerase

Type: Recombinant protein

New RP179309250 250 U $145
New RP1793092500 2,500 U $495
New RP179309750 750 U $295