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Many different types of samples can be observed including adherent cells in monolayers, thin tissue sections or plant samples. The sample preparation is quite straightforward; simplypour the cell suspension into the observing chamber with no further procedures needed. The cells can also be seeded into the perfusion chamber and perfusion system with the ability to apply different treatments. Cell reactions to the treatment can then be observed online.

Application examples

  • Cell life cycle, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, cell viability, counting
  • Cell dry mass evaluation, cell growth, changes in cell dry mass distributions
  • Cell morphology changes, intracellular processes
  • Cell motility, tracking
  • Cell interactions, cell co-cultures
  • Fast cellular processes
  • Testing reactions of cells to a specific treatment, cytotoxicity
  • Imaging in scattering non-transparent media (e.g. phospholipid emulsions), imaging in 3D environments (e.g. collagen extracellular matrix)
  • Multimodal imaging (QPI automatically correlated with fluorescence,DIC or brightfield)