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Bone Slices for 96well plate

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Medium
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DT-1BON1000-96 50 per pk $602,82
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Bone slices are for accurate in vitro assessment of osteoclastic bone resorption either by traditional staining or by use of the CrossLaps® for Culture (CTX-I) ELISA assay.

The bone slices are made from the cortical part of the femur of bovine bones, and are perfectly fitted for the 96 well format. Bone slices permit the in vitro quantification of bone resorption using the Crosslaps® for Culture (CTX-I) ELISA as cultured osteoclasts, upon resorption, release collagen type-I fragment CTX to the osteoclast culture supernatant.


The bone slices are stored in 70% ethanol at 4°C.



The use with Crosslaps® for Culture (CTX-I) ELISA does not require termination of the osteoclast culture (in contrast to pit staining and scoring).

Several samplings can be obtained from the same bone slice, allowing for example, reversibility measurement of osteoclast activity in response to given compounds.

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