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  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Immunocapture enzyme activity assay
  • Other names:Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase 5, TRAP 5b
  • Species:Human
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SB-TR201R 96 wells (1 kit) $1021,38
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Technical Data


Immunocapture enzyme activity assay


Serum, Plasma-EDTA

Sample Requirements

100 µl/well


Shipped on blue ice packs. Upon receipt, store the product at the temperature recommended below.


Store the complete kit at 2–8°C. Under these conditions, the kit is stable until the expiration date (see label on the box).

Calibration Range

0.5 - 10 U/L

Limit of Detection

< 0.5 U/L

Intra-assay (Within-Run)

n = 21

CV = 9.0%

Inter-assay (Run-to-Run)

n = 11

CV = 7.7%

Spiking Recovery


Dilution Linearity

up to 1:5



Ror research use only!

Derived exclusively from bone-resorbing osteoclasts

Low diurnal variation

No dietary influence

No accumulation into the circulation in renal or hepatic failure

Research topic

Bone and cartilage metabolism


For the quantitative determination of the active isoform 5b of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAcP). The BoneTRAP® (TRAcP 5b) ELISA assay is a specific method to detect TRAcP 5b activity freshly liberated from osteoclasts. It is intended for use as an indicator of bone resorption and can be used as an aid in monitoring bone resorption changes in post-menopausal women and individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis undergoing anti-resorptive therapies. In-vitro, TRAcP 5b activity reflects the number of osteoclasts and therefore the BoneTRAP® (TRAcP 5b) ELISA Assay can be conveniently used to determine osteoclast number in human osteoclast cultures.

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