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Endo Grade® Ovalbumin, 25 mg

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:EndoGrade® Endotoxin-free Ovalbumin
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LET0028 100 mg $1473,3
LET0029 1000 mg $15709
LET0027 25 mg $575
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EndoGrade® Endotoxin-free Ovalbumin


EndoGrade® Ovalbumin, 25 mg
Item no. LET0027
Lyophilized, contains no salts
Endotoxin level: < 0.1 EU/mg

EndoGrade® Ovalbumin, 100 mg
Item no.LET0028
Lyophilized, contains no salts
Endotoxin level: < 0.1 EU/mg

EndoGrade® Ovalbumin, 1000 mg
Item no.LET0029
Lyophilized, contains no salts
Endotoxin level: < 0.1 EU/mg



  • Endotoxin level: < 0.1 EU/mg
  • Purity (SDS-Page): > 98% protein
  • Molecular weight: ~ 45 kDa
  • Source: Chicken Egg White
  • CAS number: 9006–59–1
  • Form: Lyophilized
  • Contains no salts
  • Synonyms: Plakalbumin, Allergen Gal dII


Ovalbumin is an extensively used allergen model in immunology and allergology studies.
Commercially available ovalbumin is often contaminated with endotoxin, which leads to artefacts and inaccurate results. Endotoxin-free EndoGrade® Ovalbumin is of superior quality with a guaranteed endotoxin level (LPS) below 0.1 EU/mg.
EndoGrade® Ovalbumin is manufactured in Germany by LIONEX GmbH.

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