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Endo Trap® red Buffer Kit

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:EndoTrap® accessory equipment
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LET0032 2 x 125 ml $520
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EndoTrap® accessory equipment


EndoTrap® removes endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides/LPS) from aqueous solutions of a wide range of samples such as proteins, antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acids, buffers and cell extracts with excellent sample recovery rate. EndoTrap® has been used for the elimination of endotoxin in more than 200 publications. Endotoxin removal with EndoTrap® red works effectively in the pH range of 6-9 and NaCl concentrations in the range of 50-250 mM. Buffers such as HEPES, PBS, TRIS, MOPS, MES, PIPES and also Citrate, Acetate, Glycine and Carbonate buffers are recommended. EndoTrap® red can be used with chelators of divalent cations (like EDTA). Phosphate buffers with NaCl concentrations below 100 mM are recommended for EndoTrap® red.

EndoTrap® red is manufactured by LIONEX GmbH in Germany.

Available Products:

EndoTrap® red 1/1
Item no. LET0001 1 x 1 ml columns, 25 mL 5x Equilibration Buffer , 25 mL 5x Regeneration Buffer

EndoTrap® red 5/1
Item no. LET0002 5 x 1 ml columns, 125 mL 5x Equilibration Buffer, 125 mL 5x Regeneration Buffer

EndoTrap® red 5
Item no. LET0033 5 ml settled resin

EndoTrap® red 10
Item no. LET0003 10 mL settled resin (50% slurry)

EndoTrap® red 50
Item no. LET0004 50 mL settled resin (50% slurry)

EndoTrap® red Buffer Kit
Item no. LET0032 125 mL 5x Equilibration Buffer, 125 mL 5x Regeneration Buffer

Empty Columns Large
Item no. LET0019 pack of 5 columns

Empty Columns Small
Item no. LET0020 pack of 5 columns

Disposable Polypropylene Funnel
Item no. LET0018 pack of 5 funnels



  • LPS binding capacity: 2*106 EU/ml resin
  • Reusable up to 3 times
  • pH sample range: 6-9
  • Especially developed for Calcium chelators and low salt conditions
  • EndoTrap® red is manufactured by LIONEX GmbH in Germany


EndoTrap® removes endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides/LPS) from aqueous solutions of a wide range of samples such as proteins, antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acids, buffers and cell extracts with excellent sample recovery rate. EndoTrap® has been used for the elimination of endotoxin in more than 200 publications. Endotoxin removal with EndoTrap® red works effectively in the pH range of 6-9 and NaCl concentrations in the range of 50-250 mM. Buffers such as HEPES, PBS, TRIS, MOPS, MES, PIPES and also Citrate, Acetate, Glycine and Carbonate buffers are recommended. EndoTrap® red can be used with chelators of divalent cations (like EDTA). Phosphate buffers with NaCl concentrations below 100 mM are recommended for EndoTrap® red.

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