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Methylated DNA
Purification Systems

Sample-to-target biomarker purification with bisulfite conversion procedure. Electrify your cancer and epigenetic research assays!


Sample-to-target procedure:

LabTurbo automates the whole methylated cancer biomarker purification and conversion procedure. Greatly reduce the time and effort for cancer and epigenetic research.


 Leverage lab efficiency:

Sample-to-target procedure greatly improves the productivity and lab efficiency while eliminating handling errors and variances. Reduce a full day work to less than 6 hours!



Auto bisulfite conversion:

Complete automation of the complicated bisulfite conversion procedure such as deamination and desulphonation. The DNA is ready for PCR and biomarker detection.




The streamlined operation reduces turnaround time, saves labor and ensures consistent purification quality. Elevate cost- effectiveness for cancer and epigenetic research.



 LabTurbo 48

4 hours / 1-12 samples
6 hours / 13-24 samples
1-24 samples per run
Sample: 2 ml
Elution: 60 ul



 LabTurbo 24

3 hours / 1-6 samples
5 hours / 7-12 samples
1-12 samples per run
Sample: 2 ml
Elution: 60 ul




  1. Sample-to-target methylated DNA purification and bisulfite conversion (DNA/RNA purification+Bisulfite conversion)
  2. Basic PCR setup (up to 2 master mixes with DNA/RNA eluate) for 96-well plate and PCR strip tubes
  3. Compatible with commercial DNA methylation kits
  4. UV light sterilization, 10% bleach applicable