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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are new and promising potential biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of many diseases, which opens up a new field of goals and challenges for the BioVendor R&D team. Development of miRNA diagnostic assays is just the first step; our mission is to provide validated kits to measure individual miRNAs or diagnostically relevant miRNA “groups” supported with tools for standardized miRNA isolation, sample collection, and pretreatment.

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNA molecules typically containing ~22 nucleotides found in human, animals, plants and some viruses which are playing an important regulatory role in the gene translation via silencing or degradation of target mRNAs. During the RNA silencing, miRNA functions as a complementary guide which binds with its target mRNAs, followed by action of AGO proteins family which works as effectors by recruiting factors that induce translational repression, mRNA deadenylation and mRNA decay. (Minju Ha, Nature Reviews, 2014)

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in virtually all physiologic processes, including differentiation and proliferation, metabolism, hemostasis, apoptosis or inflammation. The biogenesis and function of miRNAs are tightly regulated, and their dysregulation is often associated with pathology of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease or neurological disorders. Recently, the miRNA has been proposed as powerful biomarker for prediction of the diseases, treatment response or prediction of progression.

miRNA quantification

miRiam – miRNA immunoassay method

Novel method for miRNA quantification based on immunoassay. The novel method involves hybridization of miRNA isolated from patient sample to complementary biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide probe followed by monoclonal antibody detection of perfectly matched DNA/miRNA hybrids in several different arrangements and possible methods of visualization:

  • Colorimetric – miReia – miRNA enzyme immunoassay
  • Chemiluminescent – miRacle – miRNA antibody/capture luminometry

The assay arrangement:

  • Classical ELISA format
  • Array format
  • Luminex beads format

Do you want to know more?

See the poster named miRiam – The new insight into miRNA quantification that our miRNA specialist presented at GTC – Biomarkers in Diagnostics 2016 (Berlin, Germany).

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