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Anti-IgA isotype IgG Human ELISA

  • Regulatory status:RUO
  • Type:Sandwich ELISA, HRP-labelled antibody
  • Species:Human
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RD199145100R 96 wells (1 kit) $711
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Technical Data


Sandwich ELISA, HRP-labelled antibody


Serum, Plasma

Sample Requirements

5 μl/well


At ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store the product at the temperature recommended below.


Store the complete kit at 2–8°C. Under these conditions, the kit is stable until the expiration date (see label on the box).

Calibration Curve

Calibration Range

1.56–100 U/ml

Limit of Detection

0.71 U/ml

Intra-assay (Within-Run)

n = 8; CV = 4.8%

Inter-assay (Run-to-Run)

n = 5; CV = 5.3%

Spiking Recovery


Dilution Linearity



  • bovine Non-detectable
  • cat Non-detectable
  • dog Non-detectable
  • goat Non-detectable
  • hamster Non-detectable
  • horse Non-detectable
  • monkey Non-detectable
  • mouse Non-detectable
  • pig Non-detectable
  • rabbit Non-detectable
  • rat Non-detectable
  • sheep Non-detectable
  • chicken Not tested
  • human Yes


The kits are CE-IVD certified and intended for professional use.



  • European Union: for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Rest of the world: for research use only!
  • The total assay time is less than 3 hours.
  • The kit measures IgG anti-IgA antibodies in serum and plasma (EDTA, citrate, heparin).
  • Assay format is 96 wells.
  • Calibrator is serum based.
  • Quality Controls are human serum based. No animal sera are used.
  • Components of the kit are provided ready to use, concentrated or lyophilized.

Research topic

Autoimmunity, Immune Response, Infection and Inflammation, Immunology, Transplantation


Anti-IgA in the IgG class are specific IgG antibodies against immunoglobulin A. Patients with IgA deficiency often demonstrate circulating antibodies against IgA, which have been suggested to be associated with transfusion reactions. Anti-IgA antibodies occur in about 10% of patients with selective IgA deficiency (IgAD) and are detected approximately in the same percentage of patients with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID). Patients with anti-IgA antibodies are at risk to develop an anaphylactoid reaction to substitution gamma globulin treatment, especially upon intravenous administration.

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