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microRNA & sncRNAs

Welcome to the world of short RNA molecules.
The incredible regulatory power of microRNAs (miRNAs) and other short non-coding RNA sequences (sncRNA) was discovered very recently. Research into these highly abundant RNAs revealed their crucial involvement in orchestration of all molecular signalling pathways (p53, Wnt, FAS and others).
The ability of miRNAs to immediately respond to pathological processes, like tumorigenesis or inflammation, together with their stability in biofluids predetermine them to be specific and sensitive biomarkers for a wide range of diseases. Their proper expression profiling was a challenge for a long time, mostly due to their short length (20–25 nt).

Until now…

BioVendor brings a complete solution with its own excellent, patented and verified methods.  Complete solution for your miRNA/sncRNA project starting with isolation, followed by screening for proper targets and final quantification of them.
Novel diagnostic approach using miRNAs is no longer just the future possibility.
You can find it in our portfolio.

For any further assistance, information or consultation, please contact our Science&Product manager at tothova@biovendor-mdx.com.