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miRNA/sncRNA Quantification assays

Once you identify your targets, sncRNAs (miRNA, piRNA, snoRNA etc.), it is time to focus closely on their expression. BioVendor and its R&D team of specialists developed quantification assays to measure miRNAs with high specificity, incredible sensitivity and strong robustness. Assays are either ELISA-based (miREIA) or PCR-based (TT-PCR). Both approaches are available for custom production and customer-based development. 

All assays exhibit class-leading features and characteristics with specificities for their own.

  • Two-Tailed RT-qPCR - Patented Two-Tailed RT-qPCR technology with a unique mechanism of RT-primers to provide superior performance with excelent specificity in comparison to other methods. Two-Tailed RT-qPCR is standardized for miRNA and piRNA total quantification.
  • miREIA - miRNA enzyme immunoassay assay - miREIA is a novel, immunoassay-based method of miRNA quantification which involves hybridization of miRNA isolated from a patient sample to complementary biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide probe. The DNA/RNA hybrids are then captured by a microtiter plate-immobilised monoclonal antibody specific to perfectly matched DNA/miRNA hybrids.